“Please Don’t Look Directly At Us”: Aespa Karina’s IRL Visuals Give The Production Crew Goosebumps

She shared how she responds when people tell her she’s pretty.

It is no surprise that aespa‘s Karina has goddess-like visuals, but seeing her in real life is quite shocking—to the point where it gives you goosebumps.

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On May 19, Karina appeared as a guest on rapper Lee Youngji‘s My Alcohol Diary. From the moment Karina walked into the room, she radiated with her glistening ash-blonde hair and gorgeous smile.

Lee Youngji couldn’t stop talking about her beauty.

I can’t really focus on the conversation right now. I don’t really want to make content just about how someone’s appearance, but you’re so b-b-beautiful.

— Lee Youngji

And like everybody else has been doing lately, Lee Youngji raved about how perfect the blonde hair looks on Karina. Karina has been using purple shampoo consistently, which made her blonde hair look more platinum-like.

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When Lee Youngji said she thought Karina would look amazing with even more platinum blonde hair, Karina turned to the production crew to ask for a second opinion. As soon as she did so, production crew members froze, and some even covered their mouths. One said, “Sorry, but please don’t look directly at us.

The crew member then said that Karina’s beauty gave her goosebumps.

Karina probably hears that she’s pretty daily, and Lee Youngji had a question about that.

When people tell you you’re pretty, it gets a bit embarrassing to respond, right? How do you respond to that naturally? Can you teach me?

— Lee Youngji

Karina said she responds by smiling awkwardly while scratching her head slightly.

Of course, Lee Youngji being the comedian she is, tries out Karina’s tips for herself.

Lee Youngji then did something that showed how small Karina’s face was. In Korean culture, having a small head or face is a beauty trait. It is common for people to compliment others by telling them they have a small face. Lee Youngji put her fingers into a triangle and showed that Karina’s face was about the size of her hands.

At this point, Karina has probably heard compliments about being beautiful countless times—and it looks like she will have to continue responding with an awkward laugh because we don’t see the compliments stopping anytime soon.

| @aespa_official/Instagram


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