Pledis Entertainment announces upcoming Pledis Girlz feature in SEVENTEEN’s Vernon OST track

SEVENTEEN member Vernon is releasing an OST track soon for web series Love Revolution and will be accompanied by Pledis Entertainment‘s girl group trainees currently known as Pledis Girlz.

The OST track titled “Disease/Illness,” the song features lyrics written by Vernon himself. This isn’t the first time he has participated as a lyricist as he is also known to have helped write the lyrics for SEVENTEEN’s hits “Mansae” and “Adore U.”

As for Pledis Girlz, fans may be familiar with them as they recently appeared on the Mnet girl trainee competition Produce 101.

Meanwhile, Pledis Entertainment also revealed that SEVENTEEN is preparing to release a new album in April with the upcoming OST track also acting as a gift for fans who are awaiting the boy group’s return.

The track will be released later today on March 23rd at noon KST.

Source: news1