Pledis Entertainment Releases Additional Statement Regarding SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

The company has expressed that he has met the OP to apologize.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu was previously accused of alleged sexual harassment. Someone claiming to have attended the same after-school academy with him accused him of making sexual jokes in class, which she felt were targeted at her. With regards to the issue, Pledis Entertainment has released a statement after checking facts.

Pledis Entertainment confirmed that while Mingyu was indeed joking around with his classmates, there was no targeted harassment towards any one person. Furthering that, Mingyu has since apologized directly to the original poster for having made her feel uncomfortable. She has accepted the apology.

| Pledis Entertainment

The full statement can be read below.

Hello. This is Pledis Entertainment. We will be advising on additional information that we have confirmed, regarding the issues surrounding SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and his school days that have cropped up online.

We have checked the facts regarding the person who wrote about attending the same hagwon (academy) as our artist, after conversing with the her a few times. Through the process, we can confirm that they have both resolved misunderstandings and ended things well with each other.

She had been personally experiencing several things unrelated to our artist, during their middle school life. She said they wrote the post in order to make known the things she experienced during middle school. Through that process, she ended up writing about things that happened in the hagwon as well.

Although our artist had indeed joked around with the other male students in the class, he has responded that they did not single out a particular classmate and purposefully bully or upset anyone. However, our artist has apologized for having caused her to have had a hard time or be uncomfortable through his actions.

She has accepted the apology and from the start, had already conveyed that they do not wish for him to halt activities or leave the group. The company had also shared the official statement with the her first, such that they were able to confirm the contents and she had also agreed to the contents after checking it. Following this, we hope she will not be further harmed by any more arguments regarding this.

The company has already contacted any relevant parties that are able to confirm their identity all discussions have ended. As for any parties that are unable to verify their identities, we are still checking facts on those. If there are any more issues that are revealed later on, we will be releasing additional information at a later date.

— Pledis Entertainment

Source: Pledis Entertainment