Pledis Entertainment Requests “Unanswered Questions” To Correct Mistake Shown On Broadcast

Pledis demands an apology.

On January 4, TV show Unanswered Questions aired a broadcast regarding chart manipulation. The broadcast interviewed a man that revealed that he found purchase history of music that he didn’t even buy. Among the songs bought from his personal data, NU’EST W’s “Dejavu” could be seen on the list. Pledis has requested for an apology from the TV show and to correct the mistake from the broadcast.




Pledis Entertainment posted on their official social media account that, “We have made it clear that we have not done any illegal or negative actions regarding chart manipulation.”




They felt that it was very unfortunate that the show made it seem like there were problems between the company and the artist. “This has caused serious damage to the group who has worked hard for years to be at the position they are at now. This broadcast has created speculation and rumors that have hurt the group’s image.”




They also asked for them to fix the errors from the broadcast as well as post an official apology regarding this matter. “A case that is not related to our company’s artists was broadcast on TV for an episode regarding chart manipulation. We are requesting an official apology for exposing the group’s real name on TV and speculating them as an artist who has used chart manipulation.”




Read the full statement from Pledis below:

Hello this is Pledis Entertainment. This is our statement regarding the broadcast of “Unanswered Questions” that aired on January 4 KST. Before relaying our position on this matter, we would like to make it clear that we have not done any illegal acts or anything related to chart manipulation. It is very unfortunate that the broadcast exposed the group’s real name after the interview with the man who found purchase history of music that he did not buy. The e-mails shown as evidence exposed our company artists name and made it look as if we had something to do with chart manipulation. Our artists have suffered serious damage from the speculation and rumors being spread after the broadcast. We are requesting for an apology from the production team of the show for making the mistake of airing the group’s name in regards to sajaegi. We also ask them to correct the mistake for the VOD rerun services of the show. Thank you.





You can watch the full episode below:

Source: fnnews