Pledis Entertainment staff stops “fan” from showing traumatizing sketchbook to Kyulkyung

After being alerted by fans, Pledis Entertainment management made sure that nothing out of line would occur to Kyulkyung at PRISTIN‘s most recent fan meet.

PRISTIN’s most recent fan meeting was held in Gangnam but it was not without controversy as one member of the fanclub, known as Kim Sa Bu, made it known through online platforms that he would be in attendance. Kim Sa Bu reportedly had been harassing Kyulkyung and the rest of the PRISTIN members for months. Fans were worried and called Pledis Entertainment, who brought extra staff and even the CEO, to make sure nothing happened.

A fan-compiled folder of all of Kim Sa Bu’s incidences of harassment towards Kyulkyung.

Fans compiled a folder of all of the times Kim Sa Bu harassed Kyulkyung online. Some of the titles of the files include “If I were to marry Kyulkyung, I’d get her pregnant”, “Kyulkyung loves me”, and “Kyulkyung being behind me and giving me a back hug is so warm”.

Kim Sa Bu also reportedly forged Kyulkyung’s signature and message.

It was also pointed out that he forged Kyulkyung’s message to make himself believe his story more. The supposed message says “[Your] love is enough”.

What follows are the contents and translation of a letter Kim Sa Bu had composed in the sketchbook that was promptly confiscated and disposed of:

“If I am lucky, next year,”
“I will be able to date these types of women next year.”
Images of several famous actresses the “fan” believed he might have a shot at dating next year.
“But right now, please listen to my words.”
“I worried a lot about if I should say this in this spot right now.”
“Today is a special day to me.”
“Kyulkyung, you’re really perfect for me.”
“This worthless heart will continue to love you.”
“Will continue to love Kyulkyung, until I look like this.”
Image of a decaying corpse.
“This is my Christmas in April present for you. I love you Kyulkyung!”

Pledis Entertainment has since come out with a statement regarding the fan incident.

“The manager found the sketchbook first and stopped him [from showing it]. We found out through the fans as many of them told us about it so we planned to keep a observe his behavior carefully. Our CEO regularly attends fan-signs. We have been even more careful following GFRIEND’s hidden camera glasses incident. We wanted to be careful since there is a higher chance of sexual-related issues with more male fans. In order to prevent such issues, we put up a notice with rules such as ‘you must use formal language’.”

— Pledis Entertainment

Watch the video of Pledis Entertainment staff throwing away Kim Sa Bu’s sketchbook below.

Source: Herald Pop