Pledis Girlz finally reveal their official group name

On January 6th, Pledis Entertainment‘s Pledis Girlz held their first concert and revealed their official group name. 

At the concert at the YES24 Live Hall, the members announced that their official group name which would be Pristin, a combination of the words prismatic and elastin. Explaining that prismatic meant bright and shining, while elastin refered to strength, the girls had this to say about their group name.

“We want to become a bright and shining group which collects all our unique charms and shoots us to stardom.”

“This is the first day we begin as Pristin, we are very excited and happy to be here.”

At the concert, the group performed both group stages and sub-unit stages, and also performed tracks that were self-written and composed. Pledis Entertainment also streamed the concert online for fans all over the world to watch on Facebook, where gained thousands of live viewers.

Source: X Sports News