Member Of PLEDIS’ New Boy Group Shared The Hilariously “Asian” Way His Dad Reacted To His Debut

He was just like many Asian parents!

TWS is the newest group to debut from PLEDIS Entertainment. They are currently going viral in Korea with their song “Plot Twist,” a refreshing and bubbly back-to-school anthem.

TWS | PLEDIS Entertainment

The members recently had their own one-on-one interviews with Weverse Magazine. Here, member Hanjin opened up about what it’s like to move countries to become a trainee.


The 2006-liner was born in Henan, China, and moved to South Korea in 2022 to join PLEDIS Entertainment as a trainee. His interest in K-Pop was largely influenced by his seniors in the company, SEVENTEEN.

I kept watching a bunch of SEVENTEEN’s videos and wanted to put on a cool performance of my own. I love all of SEVENTEEN’s songs, especially the lyrics to ‘_WORLD.’ I learned a lot from watching JUN and THE 8, who are also from China. That’s when I really wanted to become an idol.


He was accepted into the company after showing his “boyish charm” through a self-made TikTok video.

I got in after I sent them a TikTok video, one that captures me in slow motion, at school and in my uniform, with all my boyish charm. I often asked my friends in China to record me if I heard a song I liked on TikTok.


Hanjin needed to travel and live across continents without his family’s constant supervision. Like many other Asian parents, they asked him to prioritize his studies before his hobbies. It took a great deal of coaxing before they allowed him to leave to pursue his dreams.

My parents were worried at first, saying it’s time for me to focus on school. I tried really hard to persuade them: ‘I know I can do it. Please, just trust me.’ And eventually, they said, ‘Alright, we trust you,’ and gave me permission to do it.


His father even gave him a hilarious reaction upon learning that he made the final debut lineup. Instead of congratulating him with an emotional message for achieving his goal, he gave a simple thumbs up.

My dad just sent me a 👍 emoji!


Hanjin couldn’t help but laugh afterwards, looking back at the reaction of his father fondly.

Check out TWS’ debut music video below!

Source: Weverse Magazine