P.O. Reveals A Surprising Secret About His Kiss Scene With Park Bo Gum In “Encounter”

Who would have guessed Park Bo Gum was like this?!

Park Bo Gum and BLOCK B‘s P.O. played the role of brothers in their latest drama, Encounter. In one of their scenes together, Park Bo Gum kisses P.O.’s cheek after he gets into a fight.


Apparently there was a secret behind that special kiss as P.O. revealed it all when he appeared as a friend guest at Park Bo Gum’s fan meeting!


P.O. made a shocking reveal that the kiss was actually unscripted! Park Bo Gum decided to kiss P.O. by himself!

“You know in the playground scene after I cause trouble, Bo Gum kisses me. That was actually unscripted!”

— P.O.


Park Bo Gum even changed the line from calling P.O. “ugly” to “cute”!

“It was originally him saying, ‘Why did you do that to your ugly face?’ but Bo Gum instead said, ‘Aww, why did my dongsaeng (younger brother) do this to his cute face?’ And he kissed my cheek.”

— P.O.


Park Bo Gum admitted that it was all true, but he was even more surprised when P.O. wasn’t shocked by the kiss!

“I didn’t tell him that I was going to kiss him. But when I leaned in to kiss him, he didn’t react. He just stood still.”

— Park Bo Gum


P.O. then confessed that he’s a sucker for kisses, and gladly accepted it!

“I like kisses. He just leaned in, so I just accepted it.”

— P.O.


On screen and off screen, who could have paired together the cutest brothers?!


Check out P.O. and Park Bo Gum recall their adorable story:

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