P.O. Reveals How Park Bo Gum’s Personality Is In Real Life

P.O. spilled the details of Park Bo Gum’s true personality.

BLOCK B‘s P.O. and Park Bo Gum recently got close while playing the part of brothers on Encounter. So P.O. revealed what Park Bo Gum’s personality is like in real life!


Park Bo Gum and P.O. may be of the same age (born 1993), but the former is a senior in the acting industry. P.O. was touched when Park Bo Gum did his best to match to him, despite the harsh senior-junior hierarchy.

“Bo Gum is the same age as me, but also a senior. He tried his best to make it comfortable for me to act with him.”

— P.O.


Even though the drama came to an end, the two friends “text often” and are “planning on going on a trip together when [they] have the time.


Where would these two top stars go to relax? They want to stay close to home as they simply enjoy a trip to the museum and spa, while they eat as much good food as they can!

“I love traveling domestically. We could ride scooters to museums and look around, and also go to a spa. Just play and eat good food a lot.”

— P.O.


Their trip will have to be on hold for a while though, as P.O. will be busy with his new play! But Park Bo Gum “promised to come see [his] play“, to which P.O. humorously joked, “It’s sold out, but…


P.O. and Park Bo Gum have become fast friends, most likely due to their similar bright, honest, and caring personalities!

Source: xports news