P.O Reveals The Hidden Struggles WINNER’s Mino Faced While Promoting “FIANCÉ”

He hid it from his fans.

BLOCK B‘s P.O appeared on Life Bar, where he revealed a secret about his best friend, WINNER‘s Mino. P.O began by talking about his sub-unit BLOCK B BASTARZ‘s “Help Me”, where wrote the lyrics and took part in its composition.


P.O revealed that the lyrics were inspired by Mino, who was promoting his mega-hit “FIANCÉ” at the time. The lyrics of “Help Me” talked about a sense of loneliness.

“There’s too many me inside me
Morning will come and I’ll probably be alone in my bed
Man I don’t care stay away I’m okay get away
No one knows me
How do you see me?”

— “Help Me” Lyrics


Despite Song Mino topping charts and winning trophies left and right with his song, P.O saw a side of him that Mino hid from his fans. Mino was happy about its success but more overwhelmed by the pressure of what he’ll put out next!

“I wrote the lyrics while watching my best friend, Song Mino. While I was writing the lyrics, Mino was ranking #1 with ‘FIANCÉ’. Even so, he didn’t look completely happy. He was consumed and pressured by his next project. I wrote the lyrics while seeing him go through it.”

— P.O


P.O made fans realize once again that success doesn’t only bring the glitz and the glamor that’s shown on screen. There’s a deeper feeling that idols may be struggling with underneath the happiness!


No matter what Song Mino has up his sleeve next, it’ll definitely be loved by his fans all around the world!

Source: Tenasia
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