Polaris Entertainment files lawsuit against Clara

Several media sources have revealed that Polaris Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the model-actress-singer Clara last month, though reports have yet to be clear as to the reason why.

Clara reportedly signed a contract in July with Polaris Entertainment, who would carry out her domestic activities as her management agent. However, despite signing a contract with them, Clara is currently carrying out her activities under the agency Koreana Clara,  her father’s agency.

According to the same media sources, Polaris Entertainment has tried several times to mediate the problem between the two parties before taking legal action. However, mediation fell through. Supposedly, Clara was summoned by the police earlier this month.

A Polaris personnel stated “I do not yet know anything [between] Clara and Polaris. From what I know, the company is gathering details on the matter. We will find out the truth of the matter and make an official statement.”

Stay tuned to Koreaboo on additional details to Polaris Entertainment’s lawsuit against Clara.

Source: TV Report and TV Daily