Polaris Entertainment reveals they are having difficulty reaching Clara

Polaris Entertainment announces difficulties in summoning and searching for Clara due to her celebrity status.

The two parties, Clara and Polaris Entertainment, still remain in legal disputes over contract nullification and sexual harassment allegations from the KakaoTalk messages exchanged between the actress and the agency’s CEO.

On the afternoon of February 11th, Polaris Entertainment announced, “We are preparing for a counterclaim regarding the civil suit Clara imposed regarding the non-existent validity of her exclusive contract. Immediately after the Korean New Year, we will proceed on with the suit. Although we have been checking the progress of criminal proceedings for a prompt settlement to this case, there have been more delays due to Clara’s current overseas stay. As Clara is a big name, searching and summoning her has been more difficult. Clara, who has filed the lawsuit in the first place, should comeback to Korea immediately for an amicable resolution.”

Meanwhile, Clara has been last updated to be staying in Hong Kong.

Source: Sports Donga