Police apprehends former idol for smuggling marijuana into South Korea

A former idol is making the news after it was reported by the media that he has been arrested for smuggling marijuana into the country.

According to the Seoul prosecution office on May 7th, the police apprehended hip-hop artist ‘Choi’ after he was caught smuggling approximately 20g of marijuana that he had ordered online. It’s further reported that to avoid suspicion from the Korean police, ‘Choi’ attempted to confuse them and anyone else paying attention by paying for the marijuana in multiple ways.

It was being delivered through mail when he was caught.

This isn’t the first time ‘Choi’ has been suspected of using marijuana as he was questioned by the police last April.

Though his identity has not been revealed to the public, it is said that ‘Choi’ is a former idol who left his group and has released a hip-hop album.

Source: Dispatch