Police Catch Man Egging Former President Park Geun Hye’s House

A Korean male in his late thirties allegedly threw eggs at ex-president Park Geun Hye‘s house, and the case is currently under investigation.

On March 24 at approximately 9:30 A.M. KST, a Korean male, Mr. Kim (39), allegedly egged the recently impeached ex-president of South Korea out of dissatisfaction with her behavior and actions.

According to witnesses, the man pretended to be a resident of the apartment complex opposite the estate and entered the apartment grounds. There, he positioned himself in front of Park Geun Hye’s home and began throwing the eggs.

Residents claimed the eggs landed on the ex-president’s outdoor handrails, but currently, there are no signs of egg splatter anywhere on the house, suggesting that they were cleaned up already.

Police apprehended Mr. Kim as he tried to sneak off through the back gate of a neighboring elementary school, where he allegedly explained, “I threw the eggs because Park Geun Hye’s actions are rubbish“, and expressed that her lack of apology had infuriated him to the point where he wanted to do something about it.

As of now, the police are investigating the case to figure out from where and how he had thrown the eggs.

Source: Dispatch and Korea Times