Police Clear Lee Se Young Of All Charges In SNL Sexual Harassment Case

The ongoing sexual harassment case against SNL Korea comedian Lee Se Young  is finally over. 

On January 4th, the Seoul Mapo Police department announced that the case of sexual harassment against the SNL Korea cast member has been officially dismissed on grounds that no evidence could be found. Despite video evidence suggesting that Lee Se Young had inappropriately groped male idol guests on the set of the show, personal statements have indicated otherwise.

According to the police department, the idol group members insisted that no inappropriate conduct ever took place.

Representatives from the police explained:

“The members of B1A4, INFINITE and BLOCK B have all stated that she did not physically touch them.”

Because the artists decided not to press any charges, the police did not personally investigate Lee Se Young or bring her in for questioning. The case has officially been dropped and she has been cleared of all charges.

Source: Yonhap News