Police Confirm Actress Jeon Mi Sun Committed Suicide

She was found dead in her hotel room.

Despite suspicions of foul play, the Jeonbuk police confirmed today that they believe Jeon Mi Sun took her own life.

Jeon Mi Sun checked into the hotel at 1am in the morning, where she stayed by herself. After checking the CCTV, Jeon Mi Sun went into the room alone, and no one else came in after her. There was no evidence of homicide or invasion, and no final letter was discovered.

– Jeonbuk Police

The police then offered a potential explanation on why Mi Sun made this decision.

A family member recently passed away, and with her mother ill, it seems Jeon Mi Sun was experiencing depression. She called her father at 1.40am and it seems she died two hours later. We estimate that time because a number of people tried to call Jeon Mi Sun.

– Jeonbuk Police

Mi Sun’s agency previously revealed that she had been receiving treatment for depression. She was found dead in her hotel room. She was known for her supporting roles in movies and dramas like Memories of MurderMoon Embracing the Sun and Hide and Seek.