(★TRENDING) Police Investigating Gang Chants During TWICE’s Singapore Concert

TWICE concert-goer may face legal action for shouting gang chants instead of fan chants.

Singapore police are investigating a viral video that features an audience member shouting a gang slogan during a recent TWICE concert.


The seven-second video clip was taken on June 17 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday, during Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park. After the concert, the video was shared on Twitter and quickly went viral.


The video, which has since been removed, allegedly features a male voice shouting “sah lak kau” (“369” in Hokkien), a phrase associated with Sio Kun Tong, a secret society in Singapore.

These four men were charged with shouting gang slogans at funeral processions after the incident was captured on video in 2017.


According to The Strait Times, the video’s original poster said that the voice in the video belongs to her brother. She claimed that he shouted the gang slogan because he did not know the fan chant.


When it comes to gang-related activity, Singapore has strict no tolerance policy.

Under the Societies Act, it is illegal to join or act as a member of an unlawful society. Shouting gang slogans falls under gang-related behaviour and can result in harsh punishment. In Singapore, anyone convicted of being a gang member may be imprisoned for up to three years, or pay a fine of up to $5,000 US.


TWICE fans have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts about the incident.


Many find the concert-goer’s behaviour excusable and believe that a gang chant is not an acceptable replacement for a fan chant, no matter what the circumstances may be.


At this time, it is unclear whether or not the investigation will end in charges, but this incident serves as a reminder to all fans to be mindful of their behavior at concerts, and to be careful what they post online.


Check out this video to see TWICE performing “What is Love?” at their Singapore show.

Source: The Strait Times