Police To Investigate Mnet’s “Idol School” For Voting Manipulation

Police will begin investigations.

After beginning investigations on all 4 seasons of Produce 101, it has been revealed that police will also begin investigating Mnet‘s girl group survival program Idol School.

According to multiple entertainment insiders, police have launched a full-scale investigation into whether or not Idol School was also affected by the vote manipulation scandal that has hit the Produce series.

Police are proceeding with their investigations by summoning not just Idol School officials, but also viewers of the show who questioned the results of the program.

A group of Idol School viewers will also begin their process of taking legal action against Mnet today. The investigation will focus on Idol School officials manipulating the results of the vote, and that the show was instructing the teachers to destroy evidence.

The teachers were suggested to commit a crime, and if they are shown to have accepted the suggestion, both the person who actually did the deed and the person who suggested it will be punished.

Police previously stated that they would not yet investigate Idol School for vote manipulation, but that has now changed.

Source: Sports Chosun