Police Officers Booked For Collusion With Club Burning Sun

They will be investigated.

It was recently announced that numerous police officers were being investigated in relation to their involvement with Club Burning Sun.

At the National Assembly Information Committee general meeting, Superintendent Min Gap Ryong stated that 5 out of 6 police officers were booked for collusion with Burning Sun.

1 person on charges of dereliction of duty during the processing of the case regarding minors entering the club, 3 people on charges of abuse of authority in relation to protecting suspicions on the superintendent and leaking official secrets, 1 person on charges of dereliction of duty in relation to inadequate investigation at Seongdong Police Station and 1 person on charges of publication of criminal facts.

ㅡ Superintendent Min Gap Ryong


It was also announced that Superintendent Yoon, who was called “police chief” and suspected of colluding with Seungri, submitted a business and personal cell phone to the police. However, a Bareunmirae Party member pointed out that he could have used a phone registered under a borrowed name and indicated the necessity of an appropriate search.

There’s a possibility that he could have used a borrowed-name phone so there is a problem with attempting to find evidence through the voluntarily-submitted phone without an appropriate search.

ㅡ Bareunmira Party member Lee Hye Hoon

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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