Police Officer Who Attacked Burning Sun Victim Additionally Booked For Sexual Assault

This was not the first time he was accused of sexually assault.

The police officer who assaulted the Burning Sun victim, Kim Sang Kyo, has additionally been booked for sexual assault of a female colleague.


The officer who goes by the initial “Ha” is additionally being investigated for consistently sexually assaulting a female colleague, who reported the case to the police. He had apparently stalked the female police officer and sexually assaulted her in the patrol car.

In fact,  Officer Ha was punished for sexually assaulting a female colleague at a previous police station he worked at as well. His reputation is said to be secretly known within the police department.


Meanwhile, Officer Ha is currently being investigated at the police administration division of the Gangnam Police Station for assaulting Kim Sang Gyo last November.

Source: Dispatch

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