Police Officer In Charge Of Burning Sun Scandal Announces His Resignation

He stated the reason.

Kwak Jeong Ki, head of the Seoul Police Department Cyber Crime Investigation Division (superintendent), has announced his resignation.

On July 1st, Officer Kwak notified Seoul Police Department that he will “leave the police”. He has not yet been able to submit his resignation, however, due to issues related to Won Kyeong Hwan, former Seoul Police superintendent.


In a phone call with Seoul Shinmun, Officer Kwak stated the reason for his decision.

I have not been able to relax for the 16 years of my police career so I plan to begin the 2nd chapter to my life. While working on the Burning Sun/Arena case, I worked night and day for 3 months without any weekends, even taking work home. My family encouraged me (to resign) and I also thought I must’nt be delayed in starting a new job.

ㅡ Kwak Jeong Ki


When asked about recent suspicions about Burning Sun’s police collusion, he stated that it did have an effect on his decision.

I didn’t make this decision because of that issue, but I can’t say that it didn’t have an effect. I’ve received many phone calls from people around me expressing concern about the one-sided claims (of the informant).

ㅡ Kwak Jeong Ki


Meanwhile, division has reportedly been growing within the police over the investigations on Burning Sun’s police collusion with an officer from the Gangnam Police Station dispatched to the Seoul Police Cyber Crime Investigation Unit filing a petition with the prosecution on the Cyber Crime Investigation Unit superintendent and the Gangnam Police Station superintendent.

Source: Dispatch

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