[★BREAKING] Police Special Forces Declare Music Bank Safe From Bomb Threat

KBS Music Bank faced evacuations after a bomb threat against Apink caused officials to call in police. 

Photo: @Moominjiae

The front entrance of the venue has been roped off, and officers evacuated fans who were seated in the waiting area.

Many idols were at the venue practicing for the show’s Half-Year special. 

Shortly after fans were evacuated, an employee from Music Bank told media revealed that the situation has been cleared. 

“The current situation is over. Police Special Forces finished their search and concluded that there was no real threat.”

– Music Bank Employee

The police have reportedly suspected the fan who recently sent death threats to Apink, who was in attendance for the recording. 

We think it might be the same person who threatened the members [of Apink]. The police are suspecting this. The safety of the members is our top most priority. We’re very frustrated at why these things keep happening.

– Plan A Entertainment Employee

Source: DongA and TV Report

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