73.2% Of Koreans In Their 20s Believe BTS Should Enlist, According To New Poll

A majority of all voters believe the group should enlist.

According to a recent poll, a majority of Koreans are against BTS being exempted from mandatory military duties.

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The poll was conducted by research company JOWON C&I, which specialized in polls, on September 4.

This comes after the South Korean government was previously criticized for canceling an opinion poll on the same issue.

According to the poll conducted on September 4, 54.1% of those 1001 participating voted that BTS should carry out their military duties. 40% of voters believed that the group should receive an exemption.

Of the voters who overwhelmingly voted that the group should enlist, surprisingly, it was those in their 20s. 73.2% of voters in their 20s voted that the group should enlist. Following them were voters in their 30s (60.4%), 40s (49.4%), 50s (48.3%), and over 60s (47.5%).

Also surprising was that both members of the sex voted in favor of the group enlisting, with 58% of men and 50.3% of women voting for enlistment.

As for political ties among voters, 63.8% of conservative voters voted in favor of the group’s enlistment, followed by 52.3% of centrists and 47.3% of progressives.

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Discussions regarding the group’s upcoming enlistment are heating up within political spheres as BTS member Jin will soon face enlistment. Many politicians have argued for granting the group a pardon, while the current administration, which faces record low approval ratings, has been non-committal on the issue, previously stating they would “heed public opinion.”

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Source: Maeil Kyungjae Star Today and Hankook Ilbo