Poll Of Korean Entertainment Company Employees Reveals Most Beloved Executives In Industry

A recent poll among entertainment industry employees recently named Kang Ho Dong and J.Y. Park as two of the kindest company executives in Korea. Although many industry leaders have been criticized for being greedy and selfish, there have also been many who have received praise from their employees for being understanding and having warm hearts. In addition to Kang Ho Dong and J.Y. Park, other industry leaders such as Park Myung Soo and Jay Park were also among the top eight of the most respected and beloved company executives as voted by employees. The full list can be found below:

1. Kang Ho Dong 
2. J.Y. Park
3. Kim Heung Gook
4. Seo Jang Hoon 
5. Jang Su Won
6. Park Myung Soo 
7. Lim Chang Jung 
8. Jay Park


Source: OSEN