Somi’s Makeup Artist, Pony, Shares Stories From The “Dumb Dumb” Set That Prove How Great Of A Performer Somi Really Is

She even used real fire in one of the scenes from the music video!

Beauty guru Pony (Park Hye Min) was Somi‘s makeup artist for the “Dumb Dumb” music video, and she just released an adorable reaction video from her first time seeing the “Dumb Dumb” music video! In the video, Pony also shared stories from the set that show how much work went into creating the visually stunning “Dumb Dumb” video.

Beauty guru Pony (Park Hye Min) | @ponysmakeup/Instagram

In the video, Pony revealed that she was also Somi’s makeup artist for her scheduled appearances in addition to being the makeup artist on set for the “Dumb Dumb” music video.

| PONY Syndrome/YouTube

Pony watched the video a few hours after it came out, and she revealed that she hadn’t seen the finished video yet, so viewers would get to see her real reaction.

She loved the effects used in the video for the second chorus, and she cheered when Somi appeared in her sparkly silver crop top.

Pony said the song’s hook is “so good,” and we definitely agree!

Pony revealed that her favorite scene from “Dumb Dumb” is the scene when Somi is crying in the bathroom, and she praised Somi’s acting skills.

After she finished watching the music video, Pony shared stories from the set.

She revealed that the little girl in the music video was super shy and couldn’t look at Somi. However, when they started filming, the girl’s talent exploded and she performed really well!

Pony also shared that Somi was really shy before shooting the cafeteria scene with the male lead, but “her eyes changed immediately” once the cameras were rolling and she perfectly nailed the scene like a true performer.

Pony revealed that they used real fire in the scene where Somi raps while reading a burning newspaper. Because the fire was real, they only had a few tries to get the scene right. Somi focused really hard to make sure the crew got the take they needed for the finished “Dumb Dumb” music video.

Clearly, Somi and the cast and crew put a lot of effort into making sure the “Dumb Dumb” video turned out well. Pony even said “it really feels like I just finished watching a Netflix production level sitcom,” and we totally agree!

Check out Pony’s full “Dumb Dumb” reaction video below.