Pop-artist Nancy Lang wins #1 for Classic Model Awards in 2015 Musclemania Korea

Entertainer and pop-artist, Nancy Lang, wins #1 for “Classic Model Awards” in a fitness competition, 2015 Musclemania Korea.

2015 Musclemania Korea championship took place on May 1st and 2nd in Seoul. Nancy Lang competed for two categories, including, the “Classic Model Awards” and “Miss Bikini Awards.”

The “Classic Model Awards” is a specific category qualified for female contestants over 35 year-old. Nancy Lang stood up on stage with great honor and gratitude when her name was nominated as #1 for “Classic Model Awards.” She expressed, “I decided to join the competition in hopes to help motivate the athletes starring in the program ‘Body Star,’ which I star as MC as well. But it was really difficult. I will show an improved condition for the competition in fall. I wish everyone in Korea exercises daily. Ang~.”

Congratulations to Nancy Lang and her dedication for the competition. In the meantime, take a look at the short clip of 2015 Musclemania Korea featuring the pop-artist. More photos can be found @popartistnancylang.

Source: ytn