Pop Punk Band Neck Deep Has The Sweetest Reaction To BLACKPINK Rosé’s Cover Of “December”

We need a Rosé and Neck Deep collab!

Looks like BLACKPINK‘s Rosé truly impressed the Neck Deep members!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram
Neck Deep | @neckdeepuk/Instagram

Rosé celebrated her birthday by posting live studio covers on her YouTube channel for BLINKs. One of the covers was a cover of Neck Deep’s “December,” which was released in 2015.

Cover art for Neck Deep’s Life’s Not Out to Get You album, which includes the track “December” | Genius

“December” is a slow, acoustic song about a breakup in December. In her cover, Rosé perfectly captured all of the emotions expressed in the song while adding her signature stylizations to her version of “December.”

| ROSÉ Official/YouTube

BLINKs were thoroughly impressed by Rosé’s “December” cover.

The Neck Deep members themselves also saw the cover and tweeted their appreciation for both Rosé and BLINKs.

BLINKs thanked the band for their kind words, and many BLACKPINK fans explored more of Neck Deep’s music after seeing the band’s sweet reaction to Rosé’s cover.

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