Poppin Hyun Joon apologizes after recent Facebook post against Asiana Airlines

Poppin Hyun Joon personally released a statement with regards to a recent post criticizing Asiana Airlines on his Facebook account. 

On October 30th, Hyun Joon’s recent post on his personal account received backlash from the netizens as the dancer complained about his recent flight sponsored by Asiana Airlines.

Hyun Joon started the said post saying that he was going to the United States with the trip being sponsored by Asiana Airlines, but the complaint went on as he berated the airline for not giving him business class seat, calling them out for their sponsorship. The dancer ended his post threatening the airline that he will be flying with Korean Air next time.

The post which was made last month caught the attention of the netizens, calling out the famed dancer for his demanding nature.

Since the post circulated online, Poppin Hyun Joon retracted his statement against Asiana Airlines and apologized. In a statement, he confessed that, “Last September, I received an invitation to perform at the LA Korean Festival, hosted by the local Korean Association. As it is a show opening overseas, there was a lot of twists and turns as I prepared for the show.  I began to practice with a happy heart for the fans who would be present and expecting an amazing performance.”

He further explained that there were miscommunications between his side and the airline, which severed the situation as he flew out of Incheon International Airport. He admits that he wasn’t able to control his feelings at the time and ended up posting such words on Facebook. It was not until later that he found out that the Korean Association in the United States also prepared flight tickets for his team as well.

Closing his statement, Hyun Joon revealed that, “I apologize for posting those rash words after getting caught up in emotion, but without any sort of explanation. I also apologize for my thoughtless words to Asiana Airlines, who had sponsored the flight in good spirit. From now on, I’ll be a Poppin Hyun Joon who will take responsibility for his behavior. Once again, I apologize for my rash behavior.”

In response to Poppin Hyun Joon’s behaviour, Happy Face Entertainment only commented, “There’s no other words to say than sorry.”

Source: OSEN and News1

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