Popular 90s idols to feature on SBS Inkigayo’s 800th episode

The second “TOTOGA” wave will be coming to the air once again, but this time, through the SBS music show Inkigayo, as the show is set to pass another milestone with its 800th episode. 

On January 25th, Inkigayo will be celebrating its 800th episode through various special stages, in which many popular past 90s idol will be participating in.

Turbo (Kim Jong Kook, Mikey), who debuted in 1995 with their first album 280km Speed, won the very first Inkigayo trophy back on February 1, 1988 with “December.” And thus, Turbo’s appearance in the upcoming 800th episode is truly appropriate as the first winners of the show.

Inkigayo first aired on February 1, 1998, the same year Shinhwa made their debut with their first album, The Solver. Shinhwa is the longest running Korean male idol band at 17 years, who has also never seen a change in lineup, a truly rare occurrence in the K-pop industry. Thus, the male group has been confirmed for an appearance on the special Inkigayo episode.

This appearance also comes at the perfect timing, as Shinhwa is currently preparing to release their 12th studio album this coming February as they celebrate their 17th debut anniversary, and will break their year and seven months hiatus since their last music show stage in May 2013.

MBC’s Infinite Challenge recently aired their popular “TOTOGA” special, in which various 90s artists such as Turbo, S.E.S, Jinusean, Uhm Jung Hwa, and more performed, giving viewers an excited feel of nostalgia. Various 90s singers such as Turbo and S.E.S even saw a resurgence of their tracks on real-time music charts following the airing of the episode, despite having over a decade pass since its original release.

Current idols are also planned to take the stage with their seniors for collaboration stages as well.

Stay tuned for further information regarding this amazing and fun nostalgic episode!

Source: Star Today