Popular Actor Cho Jin Woong Responds To Drunk Driving Allegations

The actor was alleged to have been involved in a DUI accident.

One of Korea’s most esteemed actors, Cho Jin Woong, responded to drunk driving allegations.

Cho Jin Woong | KBS

On February 14, it was reported that an actor in his forties, who starred in the movie The Policeman’s Lineage and Black Money, was involved in a drunk driving accident.

Poster for Policeman’s Lineage | ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS

The reports led some to speculate that the actor in question was Cho Jin Woong, who starred in both movies.

On February 14, Cho Jin Woong’s agency, Saram Entertainment, responded to the allegations stating that the actor was not Cho Jin Woong.

The actor in his 40s reported in the article is not actor Cho Jin Woong.

— Cho Jin Woong

Previously, news outlets reported that an actor in his 40s who appeared in the movie The Policeman’s Lineage and Black Money had driven drunk and slammed into a street signal at 6:30 AM in Gangnam. The actor was reportedly not injured and was investigated. A passenger involved in the accident was reported to have been transported to a nearby hospital.


Source: wikitree