[★BREAKING] Popular actor has nude video leaked online

A nude video of a man alleged to be a popular Korean male actor is currently spreading like wildfire online.

Early in the morning of December 10th, a video titled, “A‘s nude videos” was posted to multiple sites. News medias such as TV Report are now reporting the video as a ‘nude video’ however further research showed that the video was, in reality, a video of the man masturbating.

The man inside the video bears a strong resemblance to a certain Korean male actor and those who have seen the video claim that the man in the video can be seen at one point wearing a necklace that “Actor A” wears very often.

Actor Seo Ha Jun is being accused as the actor in this video. The rumors have only been spurred on due to the fact that his social media channels have suddenly been turned private. The actor may have put his social media on private to prepare for accusations and messages on his Instagram.

Seo Ha Jun is most famous for his role as Yoon Seol-hee in the drama, Princess Aurora. He was also recently on the TV program, King of Mask Singer where he was praised for his amazing vocal prowess despite the fact that he is an actor.

News reports on the incident are currently being filled with comments that hint at the alleged actor who is seen masturbating in the video. Screenshots of the video in question do not confirm whether or not it is indeed the actor, as it may just be a similarity.

Seo Ha Jun’s agency has yet to officially respond to the report but revealed to TV Report, “We will first look into the video and then let you know.”

Translated Netizen Comments from TV Report:

[+ 1111, – 33] This is why men have to be very careful too…I heard he was popular.

[+ 1039, – 19] It’s not a nude video but a masturbation video isn’t it? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ way to tone it down.

[+ 864, – 47] Are cancer cells lives or not? Can you non-conservative men answer me? (*This comment makes a jibe by using a famous line of the alleged actor in his drama)

[+ 672, – 22] Ha….ha…haa..ang..Jjoon!!!

Source: TV Report