Popular Actor Makes Surprise Wedding Announcement — Reportedly Marrying A Model

The model’s label has responded.

The article has been updated with the correct picture of Kim Soo Bin.

Actor Yoon Park announced that he was getting married to model Kim Soo Bin!

Yoon Park |
Kim Soo Bin | @sb2kk/Instagram

According to a May 3 Star News report, the actor is reportedly marrying model Kim Soo Bin. The model’s agency YG K-Plus confirmed this in a statement.

The two have dated for a long time. We hope you bless their future together.

— YG K-Plus

The actor made the announcement in a hand-written letter uploaded to his Instagram. A full translation is available below.

Hello, this is Yoon Park.

Have you been well? It seems Spring has come upon us. I am so nervous and excited to pick up the pen to write you this. I am carefully writing to you because this Fall, I have promised to be with my partner, who I love, forever, and I wanted to tell you this news.

She has given me so much love and trust during our time together, and we have decided in this moment in which we are happy and secure.

I ask that you bless us with happy hearts so that we may make a happy family. I will promise you to do my best to show a good side of me as an actor.

These days the temperature fluctuates greatly, so please care for your health and I sincerely hope you are happy and your lives are full of good news.

Thank you.

— Yoon Park

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: @yoon.bak/Instagram and wikitree
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