Popular “Angel” Singer Who Donated Her Kidney To Her Father Meets A Handsome “Angel” Herself

He moved her to tears.

Trot singer Yang Ji Eun was recently moved to tears talking about her husband, who has been with her through thick and thin.

Singer Yang Ji Eun | @jieun.y_j/Instagram

On October 13, KBS‘s reality show Fun-Staurant featured trot sensation Yang Ji Eun, who was the winner of the trot audition program Miss Trot 2.

In the episode, Yang Ji Eun revealed her cooking skills, her father’s health condition, and even her love story with her handsome dentist husband—whom the show hosts said resembled actor Kang Dong Won.

Actor Kang Dong Won (left) and Yang Ji Eun’s husband (right) | KBS

She video-called her mother and asked about her father and if his dialysis was going well.

As some may already know, thirteen years ago, Yang Ji Eun donated her left kidney to her father. She was known to be an “angelic” and good daughter to her parents.

When I was 21 and had just entered college, my father was given three months to live. He needed a kidney transplant from someone in his family. My blood type was the same as his, so I said, ‘I want to do it.’

— Yang Ji Eun

| KBS 

She shared that the surgery was successful and that he did well for a while. However, the kidney she gave him eventually stopped working.

For 11 months, he lived a healthy life with the kidney I gave him, but [the doctors] said that his kidney levels were not good and that the kidney I gave him has no longer working. They said he needed to live on dialysis again.

— Yang Ji Eun

Yang Ji Eun with her father | KBS

The singer then shared the tragic news that her father was diagnosed with rectal cancer two years ago.

Recently, my father was diagnosed with rectal cancer, so he had to get a proctectomy.

— Yang Ji Eun

| KBS 

Through this difficult time, Yang Ji Eun was not alone. She shared that her husband was by her side the whole time, supporting her and helping her father on her behalf.

[My father] had to get surgery in a hurry, but my husband went through the whole process with me. Whenever my father went to the hospital, my husband brought him there and took care of him like it was his own treatment.

— Yang Ji Eun

| @jieun.y_j/Instagram

Yang Ji Eun admitted that she felt guilty because her busy schedule kept her from helping her father as much as she wanted to. However, her husband filled that role and took care of her father like a son.

| KBS 

She was grateful for her husband while sorry at the same time, and she couldn’t help but tear up at the thought of him. She believed that her husband was like an angel from heaven.

I always feel sorry because I’ve been relying on my husband’s help. It feels like I’ve burdened my husband with something I should be doing… When I think about my husband, I feel grateful. Meeting my husband made me feel for the first time: Is he someone sent from heaven? To that extent, he is a person I’m so thankful for.

— Yang Ji Eun


It was revealed that Yang Ji Eun and her husband were both dentistry students at Yonsei University Graduate School when they met on a blind date. Within five months, they got married.


She claimed that, at first, it was difficult to tell her husband that she had given her kidney to her father and that she only had one kidney. However, she revealed that how her husband reacted to her confession made her decide that she wanted to marry him.


Yang Ji Eun and her husband got married in 2016, and they have one son and one daughter.

Source: Newsis and KBS