Popular BTS Fan Accounts From Twitter Trend On Weverse

They find success wherever they go!

Popular BTS fan accounts from Twitter are now going viral on Weverse.

Recently, ARMYs proposed making the switch from Twitter to HYBE‘s social media platform Weverse. This followed news that the American–South African–Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and business magnate Elon Musk would acquire Twitter, Inc. for $44 billion USD.

Many users have threatened to leave Twitter if Musk’s offer was approved by Twitter’s board. And, well, it looks like it’s really happening, so…

Now, some of the biggest BTS fan accounts from Twitter are venturing out on Weverse with success.

You probably already are following keep strugglin (@keepstrugglin_), BTS Charts (@btschartdata), and btschickendata (@bock_twt).

Screenshot on April 27, 2022. | Twitter
Screenshot on April 27, 2022. | Twitter
Screenshot on April 27, 2022. | Twitter

Keep strugglin is an ARMY account that focuses on meme-worthy struggles in the K-Pop community, inspired by this iconic tweet interaction from the early BTS days.

And, when keep strugglin joined Weverse… This time, she was the one struggling.

That didn’t stop her from making some hit posts.

Although it’s basically impossible to find users on Weverse, followers found keep strugglin through the hashtag.

Still, the Weverse ARMYs were confused AF.

Btschickendata also ventured out into Weverse.

Btschickendata is a parody account. Basically, they created the “Cluckvers,” in which the members are chickens. So, their account is filled with covers of their bocking BTS songs and chicken memes.

Sure enough, a hashtag was created for btschickendata’s Weverse induction.

Still, they had to prove themselves.

Once Twitter ARMYs found btschickendata, they were excited!

Everyone seemed to be having a fun, drama-free time…

…btschickendata started to post most and experiment with their meme material.

Ultimately, btschickendata ended up struggling, too but for different reasons than keep strugglin.

Their Weverse account got locked after being reported by users, but they didn’t know why.

So, ultimately, the switch to Weverse didn’t quite seem to work out for btschickendata.

Yet, ARMYs were still hoping for their return.

So much has happened in so little time.

Finally, btschickendata made their Weverse comeback! They even ended up trending again.

So, while both btschickendata and keep strugglin’s first days on Weverse may have been a bit chaotic… BTS Charts joined for a more civilized introduction.

| Weverse

Everything seemed normal. BTS Charts simply introduced themselves and encouraged ARMYs to stream and play BTS Heardle as they normally would on Twitter.

| Weverse

So far, the actual BTS chart data reports have not made their way to Weverse quite yet.

Yet, all three users ended up trending on Weverse without issue. So, there must have been quite a lot of Twitter ARMYs online!

| Weverse via @sopeSingers/Twitter

Twitter ARMYs were loving their favs trending on both Twitter and Weverse.

Weverse ARMYs, though? Not so much. Hence why btschickendata was originally reported…

Check out more chaos from Twitter ARMYs’ venture to Weverse below:

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Source: Twitter

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