Popular Celebrity Is Alleged To Be Giving Birth In The United States To Obtain Dual Citizenship For Her Child — Responds To Accusations

“Even if you have money and influence in Korea, there are obligations you need to fulfill.”

TV Personality and comedian Ahn Young Mi addressed allegations that she was giving birth in the United States to give her child dual citizenship.

Ahn Young Mi |

Recently, Ahn Young Mi, who is expected to give birth to her child in July, found herself at the center of controversy after it was revealed that she would be flying to the United States, where her husband currently lives, to give birth. Netizens alleged that the comedian was giving birth overseas to give her child dual citizenship and, in the process, obtain an exemption for her child from military obligations.

Eventually, Ahn Young Mi responded to the allegations herself. According to a report on May 9, the comedian responded to a netizen’s comment on her Instagram in which they alleged Ahn Young Mi of taking part in birth tourism. Birth tourism is the practice of traveling to another country to give birth to obtain citizenship for the child.

Even if you have money and influence in Korea, there are obligations you need to fulfill. If you don’t want to give birth in Korea without your husband, then you should live in the United States, why are you just going to give birth and return? That is birth tourism. That isn’t something a public figure should do.

— Netizen

In her response, Ahn Young Mi reportedly stated that it was too early to worry about her child’s military obligations.

My child is now 8 months old and is still in my stomach. I think it is too early for you to worry about his military obligations… Rather than make speculations about the far future, how about blessing the child in my stomach?

— Ahn Young Mi

Ahn Young Mi responded to another netizen who asked, “If your husband was in Vietnam or the Philippines, would you still give birth in that country?” to which the comedian stated she would.

Yes, I would have gone to my husband, whether he was in the Philippines or Vietnam. How can I go through pregnancy, giving birth, and taking care of the baby alone? I have to be with my husband, who I love.

— Ahn Young Mi

Meanwhile, Ahn Young Mi married her husband in 2020. The comedian is expected to give birth to the couple’s first child in July.

Source: sports chosun
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