Popular Comedian Admits He Once Got Rejected By Actress Park Bo Young After Asking For Her Messenger ID

“I hope fans of Park Bo Young do not misunderstand …”

Comedian Yoo Min Sang revealed that he once asked actress Park Bo Young for her messenger app ID but got shot down.

Yoo Min Sang | Money Today

On March 28, the comedian was a guest on SBS’s radio show, where he spoke about meeting Park Bo Young.

On this day, the show’s host suddenly revealed that the comedian’s ideal type was Park Bo Young. Yoo Min Sang then shared the story of a time when he met the actress. Before going into the story, however, the comedian asked fans not to misunderstand him.

Yoo Min Sang (left) and Kim Tae Gyun (right) on SBS radio’s Cultwo Show | SBS

I once met her while filming Delicious Guys. I hope fans of Park Bo Young do not misunderstand me.

— Yoo Min Sang

Yoo Min Sang then revealed that while filming an episode of a variety show, he had asked Park Bo Young for her messenger app ID. Unfortunately for the comedian, the comedian revealed that the actress had turned him down.


I saw Park Bo Young before when she was a guest on Delicious Guys. At the time, I asked her for her Kakao Talk (messenger app) ID. I told her it was fine if she blocked me and that I would just have it to brag to my friends. But (Park Bo Young) refused to give it to me.

— Yoo Min Sang

The comedian then played off the rejection lightly, joking that this was the extent of his relationship with the actress.


Park Bo Young and I have that type of relationship. (Fans) have nothing to worry about.

— Yoo Min Sang

Recently, on Delicious Guys, another comedian Kim Min Kyung revealed that she was going to meet Park Bo Young and asked Yoo Min Sang if he wanted to join them. Yoo Min Sang, however, refused, stating that he was fearful of how her fans would react if they saw him with her.

Park Bo Young (in circle) |

I think I’ll be killed even if I stay still. By people. Even if I don’t do anything, I think people will riot, screaming, ‘How can Yoo Min Sang meet Park Bo Young?’

— Yoo Min Sang

It seems the comedian is more than content with being a fan of the actress from afar.

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