Popular Dating Show Contestant Makes Surprise Wedding Announcement

She announced she is getting married this Saturday!

Former Heart Signal 3 contestant Park Ji Hyun made a surprise wedding announcement.

Park Ji Hyun | @jeehyun._/Instagram

On March 23, Park Ji Hyun announced on her Instagram page that she is getting married this Saturday!

Hello everyone,

Today I am writing to you because I have news to share with you.
I have met someone who is always by my side and is someone who I’d like to be with forever, and so we are getting married this Saturday.
I wanted to share this news with you first, with a thankful heart for all of the support and love you have given me.

I will continue to love and cherish my groom-to-be, and we will live happily together.

Thank you 🙂

— Park Ji Hyun

Park Ji Hyun’s soon-to-be husband is reportedly a non-celebrity. The influencer’s agency, Hyowon CNC, revealed the groom is a businessman.

Park Ji Hyun (right) and her husband (left) | @jeehyun._/Instagram

Park Ji Hyun’s husband is a businessman who is older than her. Please send her your blessings and consideration.

— Hyowon CNC

Meanwhile, Park Ji Hyun gained fame through her appearance on the third season of Channel A’s dating show, Heart Signal. Since then, Park Ji Hyun has become a successful influencer with over 260K Instagram followers.

Source: @jeehyun._/Instagram