Popular Girl Group Member’s Brother Under Police Investigation For Alleged Drug Use

The person of interest is the older brother of a 10-year veteran girl group member.

Goyang Police are investigating a case where Mr. A, the older brother of a famous girl group member, is being suspected of marijuana use. Goyang Police’s Criminal Investigation 3rd Unit is checking to see if Mr. A violated the Anti-Narcotics Control Law.

A representative from the Uijeongbu Prosecutor’s Office told the media,

“After receiving a report, we have begun investigating the case. We will continue to investigate the potential use of illegal drugs.”

Uijeongbu Prosecutor’s Office

The prosecution has already collected hair and urine samples of Mr. A to verify whether or not he was using marijuana. It was later revealed that the person of interest was the older brother of a 10 year old girl group. Mr. A firmly denies the charges.

Source: Joins, Edaily