Popular Korean Actress Mourns The Loss Of A Close Family Member

“I sent her off peacefully, so please don’t worry…”

Actress Moon Geun Young publicly addressed her grandmother’s passing on her social media and shared her feelings.

Actress Moon Geun Young | @aka_moons/Instagram

On October 12, Moon Geun Young posted a picture of a letter that appears to have been written by her niece or nephew. The handwritten letter had a poem titled “Heart Sky Puzzle” to encourage the actress.


Like there’s a hole in my own sky,
Like how the clouds can’t pass by over the small hole in the middle of the sky,
Like I was used to it but can’t see it again anymore,
Like how puzzles are perfect when they have all the pieces,
Like a puzzle that can fit into our heart’s sky,
Like how every little piece is precious…

There’s always one heart puzzle left in my aunt’s heart.

— A poem by Moon Geun Young’s niece or newphew

Along with this sweet and heartfelt poem, Moon Geun Young wrote a caption thanking those who took care of her grandmother and wishing her grandmother peace.

Thank you for taking care of my grandmother, so that she didn’t pass away lonely. I sent her off peacefully, so please don’t worry, and I sincerely hope that her heart and body will be pain free. Thank you once again with all my heart. #ThankYou🙏🏻

— Moon Geun Young


Earlier, Moon Geun Young was scheduled to attend the 28th Busan International Film Festival‘s screening event for the 20th-anniversary of the movie A Tale of Two Sisters on October 8. However, she had to cancel her attendance due to the passing of her grandmother from her mother’s side the day before. Moon Geun Young’s grandmother was known to have been close to her as she took care of her during her childhood.

A young Moon Geun Young as a child actress in the K-Drama “The Last Empress” | KBS

Our deepest condolences to Moon Geun Young and her family.

Source: Wikitree and @aka_moons/Instagram