Popular Korean Actress Is Shocking Netizens With Her “Hollywood Level” Muscular Body

“Muscle mommy💪”

Actress Lee Si Young recently shocked netizens with her muscular body.

Lee Si Young first started gaining attention as an actress in a K-Drama in 2009 with her role as the protagonist’s friend-turned-rival in Boys Over Flowers. She continued to prove herself as an actress throughout the years in K-Dramas and movies, such as The Guardian (2017), No Mercy (2019), and Sweet Home (2020 to present), and showed her versatility as an actress.

Lee Si Young in “Boys Over Flowers” | KBS
Lee Si Young in “Sweet Home” | Netflix

She is also known for her comedic Tiktok content and has over 17.7 million followers on the platform as of this article.


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On July 10, Lee Si Young posted several photos and videos on her Instagram that showcased her toned body.

Lee Si Young | @leesiyoung38/Instagram

Along with the message “Metaverse,” Lee Si Young showed photos of her working out with dumbells and a trainer guiding her. Netizens were shocked at the state of the actress’ muscular body. She wore an unexplained net on her head but all eyes were on her toned back muscles, arms, and abs.


She also appeared to be holding a pose and working out surrounded by countless cameras and lights, fitting with the “Metaverse” caption.


Netizens couldn’t help but comment in support. Calling her “Muscle Mommy” and “Hollywood level,” fans and friends of the actress were amazed. Lee Si Young is set to be in the second season of the Netflix series Sweet Home and many fans wondered if she was preparing for the show.

  • “You’re more fit than I am”
  • “My Si Young, this is Hollywood level”
  • “You’re so cool; you’re insane🔥”
  • “Wow👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️”
  • “Your persistent self-care is amazing! You’re awesome!👍👍”
  • “Are you going back to being a fighter?!”
  • “I’m doing personal training these days… and I respect you, Si Young👏👏👏👏👏👏”
  • “Mommy🙏🏼”

Aside from her acting and TikTok content, Lee Si Young became an amateur boxer in 2010 when she was introduced to the sport after preparing for a role as a female boxer in a K-Drama. The K-Drama ended up not getting made, but she fell in love with the sport and began boxing competitively.

| Yonhap News

Lee Si Young will be in the new Netflix reality show Zombieland coming soon.



Source: Sports Hankook