A Popular Korean Dating Show Is Currently Filming — And There Are Complaints Already

They were trying not to get into any more controversy.

Channel A‘s popular reality dating show Heart Signal is currently filming its fourth season, but it is already caught in controversy.

| Channel A

In Heart Signal, single young men and women move into a house to get to know one another and develop relationships, while a celebrity panel observes and deciphers the psychology behind their actions.

Celebrity panel from “Heart Signal 3” | Channel A

On April 11, it was reported that Heart Signal received several police reports from nearby residents of the filming location for season four due to noise. It is being filmed near Hanok Village in Eunpyong-gu, Seoul. There were also complaints from residents about drone filming.

Filming location for “Heart Signal 3” | Naver Blog

In response, the Heart Signal production team stated they will be more cautious from now on.

There have been noise complaints from nearby residents during the filming process. We will be more careful in the future.

The dating show had a handful of controversies in the past involving the participants on the show, which made the production team for Heart Signal 4 create a new method to avoid controversies for this season.

“Heart Signal” Season 2 Cast | Channel A

This noise controversy has netizens wondering what the show’s new season will be about, and they can see for themselves when it is released in May.

Source: Tenasia