This Popular Korean YouTuber Openly Criticized An Instagram DM Offering Him “Sponsorship”

It’s a real thing and netizens are shook.

In his recent Instagram update, YouTuber “nojam_bot”, who used to go by the name of “Bot No Jaem“, shared a disturbing DM that offered him money for his company and ultimately sex. He uploaded a screenshot of the message and captioned it with strong discontent and criticism for persons involved in this type of solicitation.


The message reads, “I’m inquiring about an exclusive offer I received about you. A rich woman in her 30s would like to offer $17K for a date night and sexual intercourse. Would you be interested?” The message continued to explain that he won’t be exposed if he agrees to the deal.


The most shocking part of the message captured is perhaps the latter part where the inquirer explains to nojam_bot, “Even celebrities don’t get offered $17K.” The inquirer pointed out that such deals go between $5K to max $10K a night. The message ends urging nojam_bot to consider it a good opportunity and for him to accept the offer.

We will respect your privacy. Besides, the female’s identity will need to be protected as well, so there is no possibility that you will be exposed. Usually, deals like this run between $5K to rarely max $10K. Even celebrities don’t get offered $17K. I don’t think you have anything to lose with this offer. Please consider accepting, thank you.

— DM Sender


In response to the DM, nojam_bot wrote in the caption, “This particular DM I wanted to share with you because blocking it and reporting it didn’t cut my rage.”

I read all the direct messages you send my way, even though I might not be able to reply to all of them. But this particular DM I wanted to share with you because blocking it and reporting it didn’t cut my rage. No matter how lonely you get, you should strive to live a righteous life. #IDon’tNeedTheAttentionEither #IMayBeABotButHaveFeelingsToo

— Instagram @nojam_bot


Netizens are shook that such solicitations actually do happen in real life.

  • “Wow, I’m so appalled by the fact that offers like these are made in real life.”
  • “Can you imagine how many IG stars must receive DMs like this?”
  • “Doesn’t matter if the offer is real or not. The fact that it ended up in his inbox must have pissed him off so much… I would’ve been disgusted.”
  • “I heard non-celebrities who are good-looking receive a lot of these offers. It might not be $17K a night, but they get offered housing and cars and business funding. It’s insane.”
  • “Whoa… so this world DOES exist.”
Source: THEQOO