Popular Korean YouTuber Pours Bucket of Ice Water Over Tiny Kitten’s Head, Incurs Internet’s Wrath

Viewers are extremely angry at this family for “abusing” the kitten.

“Engineering Student’s Family (공대생네 가족)” is a popular Korean YouTube channel led by an average Korean family with over 620K subscribers. This family recently took in a stray kitten and the video capturing this received over 1M views.


So when the family members decided to upload a video of themselves pouring a bucket of ice water over this kitten, as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge, viewers immediately became furious and grew concerned for the animal.

The video has been since deleted, but the family continues to receive severe backlash for what the viewers are calling an irresponsible behavior.


The mother states in the video, “I asked the kitten to meow if he wants to participate and he meowed”, as she throws a small bucket of ice cubes over the kitten’s head.

Viewers believe this could constitute an act of animal abuse, especially because the kitten is only weeks old and needs to be kept warm.


Since getting rid of the video, the family has not apologized or responded to the criticism in any significant way. This is upsetting the subscribers even more and causing the channel to lose them.

  • “Wow, what the f*ck… Kittens don’t know how to regulate their own temperatures so they can’t even be bathed this young. Yet this family decides to throw ice on the poor baby… F*cking idiots.”

  • “That reason though… It pisses me off even more.”

  • “He meowed…? I understand this family’s subscribers are young, but this is beyond immature.”

  • “Charity work isn’t a “trend”. It’s not just “content-worthy” thing you can just use. If you wanted to be a part of the Ice Bucket Challenge, you should have donated the profits from the video or something… I bet these people took in the kitty to use for their videos too. I hate them.”

  • “I’m so worried because this channel’s subscribers are rather young. What if the kids watch this and decide to try it out on their own pets at home?”

  • “I’m just shocked that not a single member of the family thought this is so completely wrong.”

  • “This family always does this. They just delete when the content receives criticism.”

  • “Look how the kitten just sits there with all the ice water falling on his head. This is making me cry.”


When agitated netizens began asking for some kind of response in the comment section in their other videos, the family left short replies to some. This lack of interaction is causing additional controversy and the viewers remain extremely unhappy.

  • “This family doesn’t deserve to raise a kitten.”

  • “I’m going to report these people as animal abusers.”

  • “I hope rescue organizations see this and come get the baby.”