Popular LA Radio Show Host Zach Sang Says BTS “Opened His Eyes”

Zach Sang credits BTS with the surge towards global music.

Zach Sang, host of the Zach Sang Worldwide Countdown radio show, said the biggest eyeopener for him in terms of global music and the next generation’s desire to break down boundaries has been BTS.

Zach Sang’s worldwide countdown made its debut in LA earlier this year as an “international hangout with listener–driven and trending content, interviews and performances from the world’s biggest stars, and packed with the week’s hottest hit music from around the globe.”


Zach Sang said his idea of a worldwide countdown reflects what the world is looking for in global music – and it’s about breaking down barriers.

“I think it’s an understanding of what the next generation – not just of America, not just of Canada, but the next generation of our whole world – is actually looking for and what they want. With the internet, everybody is more connected now than ever, so really we have borders just in theory, almost. I could be in America and talking to somebody in Egypt, and somebody in Egypt could be talking to somebody in Korea, who could be talking to somebody in China… So borders are just of like – I don’t want to say it’s an old man thing, but it kind of is.” — Zach Sang


And for him, BTS was one of the main eyeopeners to showing the continuous breaking down of barriers in music.

Zach interviewed BTS backstage at the 2017 AMAs.

“A big eyeopener for me has been BTS. They’re a Korean pop boy group, and these guys – I mean, all their songs are in Korean, but they have a way of understanding the struggle that is growing up in our world today. So the fact that these guys from Korea can relate to so many girls and people all over this planet young and old, just shows that music defies any sort of borders.” — Zach Sang


He said BTS embodies universality on a whole new level.

And at the Billboard Awards.

“Music really is a universal language, and I think BTS embodies that on a whole new level. BTS opened my eyes to a global world and a real understanding that the next generation of our world wants to be global.” — Zach Sang


He admitted he gets more messages about BTS’s “Fake Love” than he has about any other record he’s ever played (and he’s been broadcasting for more than 10 years, since he was 14 years old).

“I’ve played BTS’s “Fake Love” every night on the radio in America and you want to know something? I’ve gotten more messages on that song than any other record I’ve ever played, because people want to know what it is.” — Zach Sang


Zach has huge respect for BTS – check out his interview with them after the AMAs!


You can listen to Zach’s whole podcast interview with Broadcast Dialogue below.