Popular MC Accused With Physically Assaulting A Trainee, Responds To Accusations

He has responded to the accusations.

Popular event MC and television personality MC Ding Dong has been accused of assault after an MC in training that was working under him filed a complaint with the police, claiming assault and repeated abuse during the 2 years he has spent as a trainee under him.

The Seoul Mapo Police Station revealed on July 9 that aspiring MC trainee “A” filed a complaint against MC Ding Dong, claiming repeated physical and verbal abuse. MC Ding Dong has been accused of throwing microphones at “A”, grabbing his hair, hitting him in the face, and calling him abusive slurs.

“A” revealed in a telephone call with the Seoul Newspaper that he even served as the standby boy for MC Ding Dong when he was drinking.

From May 2017 to March 2019, I did a variety of miscellaneous things for MC Ding Dong, including driving his cars, carrying his luggage, and assisting him with MC preparations. When a broadcast would finish and the cast would head out to drink, I had to take him home early in the morning, I had the role of the alcohol standby-boy to make sure I was ready for him.

— “A”

“A” also claimed that MC Ding Dong would often curse at him or hit him while he was drunk, pinning the blame on him. “A” also submitted a statement from his colleague who was with him at the drinking party at the time of the assault.

He would say ‘I’m like this because of you’ and slap me on the cheek. He even threw a microphone at me, which hit me in the thigh.

— “A”

“A” argued that he was not compensated properly for all of the work that he did for MC Ding Dong.

After leaving with him to go to work at 1 pm, I didn’t finish until 3 or 4 am in the morning, and I had to go to work again the next day after sleeping in the car. I endured these hardships because I wanted to learn to work as an MC, but no matter how long passed, the situation didn’t get better, so I decided to file the complaint.

When he came off the stages, he would often hit me or swear at me because I didn’t have a cigarette ready, or I did something he didn’t like. He even left me with work that was in no way related to MC, such as doing his own chores or watching over his children.

I believed that he would help me become an MC, but I actually worked as a manager for him for 2 years and I didn’t get paid any money at all. But there are many MC hopefuls who are being silent about his treatment because he is famous and influential in the MC world.

— “A”

MC Ding Dong has also responded to the complaint, claiming they are not true at all and even claiming “A” is trying to blackmail him.

I never hired him to be a manager, and I gave him plenty of opportunities to watch and learn from me. I didn’t pay him, but I did buy him food and things such as clothes and shoes that he didn’t wear.

He says he didn’t learn anything from me, but there are several events I introduced him to. He secretly takes pictures at the drinking parties we attend, and he asks for 30 million won for those pictures.

— MC Ding Dong

Source: Seoul Newspaper