Popular SBS YouTube Channels Get Hacked And Deleted

Some of netizens’ favorites have been affected.

The popular SBS YouTube channels have been both hacked and deleted. SBS NEWS, SBS Catch, and more were all affected.

Netizens discovered that if you go to SBS News’ YouTube channel, there appeared to be a video that didn’t finish uploading.

The channel was uploading videos until a few minutes ago. Now it says the channel has been deleted.

— Netizen

| Daum @yeosungsidae Cafe Toss Bank Category

If I click the most recent video, this is what I see. What’s going on…?

— Netizen

And, when attempting to watch an SBS animal video, a disclaimer appeared saying that the channel had been deleted due to a violation of community guidelines.

| YouTube via Theqoo

Video unavailable
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

— YouTube text

So, it seems to have been hacked.

| YouTube via Theqoo

This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

— YouTube text

Additional SBS channels, such as SBS TV’s animal channel and SBS Catch (the K-Drama channel), appear to have been hacked and deleted. These are two of netizens’ favorite channels as it features cute animal videos and behind-the-scenes content of hit K-Dramas, such as Business Proposal, respectively.

| YouTube via Theqoo

Before deletion, videos featuring the CEO of financial technology company Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse, were uploaded. It was tagged with “#crypto.”

| YouTube via Theqoo

At this time, SBS NOW and SBS KPOP remain unaffected.

| SBS KPOP/YouTube
| SBS NOW/YouTube

Hopefully, the issue with the rest of the SBS channels will be resolved, and they can be restored.

Source: Theqoo