Popular Second-Generation Idol Is Going Viral For Her Amazing “100-Day” Transformation

Fans praised her for putting in the hard work.

Former AOA member Choa revealed her amazing body transformation.

Choa | @queenchoa_/Instagram

On January 27, Choa showed the results of her 100-day challenge to lose 5% body fat on her YouTube channel.

The video reveals that Choa accomplished her goal of losing 5% of her body fat. The idol’s weight measurements showed that she weighed 44.4 kg and had a body fat of 19.9% compared to weighing 48.5kg and having a 25% body fat composition at the start of her challenge.

Choa is then seen taking photos for her “Body Profile.” “Body Profiles” are a new trend in Korea where people take studio-quality photos of their hard-earned bodies, usually at the end of reaching a personal fitness goal.

Choa then went on and uploaded her hard-earned results onto Instagram. Choa uploads several photos highlighting the idol’s healthy and newfound toned body.

I took pictures of my body profile! The video footage is uploaded onto my YouTube channel so please take a look.

— Choa

Netizens couldn’t hold back their praise for the idol. Fans showered Choa with compliments for her new look.

  • “You look so pretty. Let’s take a body profile pic every month.”
  • “How does that tiny stomach hold all your organs in?”
  • “Park Choa accomplishes this impressive feat!”
  • “Queen Choa, your form is crazy.”
  • “Choa unnie updated her Instagram with pretty pictures!”
  • “You’re so cool.”
  • “Choa unnie, are you crazy? You’re so pretty. I love you, unnie.”

Meanwhile, Choa debuted with the idol group AOA in 2012. The idol would go on to become one of the most popular idols in all of K-Pop before she suddenly left the industry in 2017. Recently, Choa opened up her YouTube channel (초아 CHOA), where she uploads vlogs and various content for her fans. Watch the idol’s amazing transformation in her video below!

Source: wikitree
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