Popular American Singer Surprises Fans By Confessing Her Love For BTS

“I love BTS so much!”

In an era where music consistently blurs cultural and geographical lines, it’s always a delightful moment when artists from different corners of the world express mutual admiration. Though BTS has had many such moments already, ones where they have been on the receiving end as well, they never stop being sweet and exciting for fans.


Recently, Chloe Bailey, one-half of the dynamic R&B duo Chloe x Halle, caught fans by surprise during an interview with MTV Music UK, confessing her profound admiration for K-Pop sensations, BTS.

I love BTS so much. ‘Butter’ was really good!

— Chloe Bailey

Chloe’s words were not just simple praises but a deep appreciation of the artistry and commitment BTS brings to their craft. This mini confession from Chloe, an accomplished artist in her own right, emphasized even further the universal appeal BTS has, transcending regional musical preferences.

I just love how they perform — each and every one of them are performers.

— Chloe Bailey

The singer continued to give the boy band praise upon praise, but fans were touched by her words because not only did she praise their artistry, but she also took the time to talk about their hard work and commitment.

They give their heart and soul on the stage.

— Chloe Bailey about BTS

While BTS’s global influence is undeniable, every acknowledgment from established Western artists is a nod to the depth of their impact on the music world. Chloe’s heartfelt confession further emphasizes how BTS’s artistry resonates not only with fans but also with fellow musicians, regardless of where they originate.

| @chloebailey/Instagram

For Chloe Bailey, her musical journey, alongside her sister Halle, has been marked by powerful vocals, intricate harmonies, and thoughtful songwriting. Their rise to fame has been meteoric, leading to collaborations with renowned artists and acclaim in the industry.

Her admiration for BTS highlights how connected the global music scene has become, where artists, despite differences in background and genre, now find common ground in their passion and love for music and performance.

The fusion of Eastern and Western musical influences has become increasingly prominent in recent years, offering fans a rich range of sounds and styles. Chloe’s acknowledgment of BTS’s talent raises the exciting possibility of future collaborations, a prospect that would undoubtedly thrill fans of both artists worldwide.