Popular Thai BL Star “Set Up To Fail” After “Awful” Cover Of BABYMONSTER’s “SHEESH” With Fellow Actors

“He got dragged because of his stupid company…”

Netizens believe a popular Thai BL star was “Set up” after covering BABYMONSTER‘s song with fellow actors.

The members of BABYMONSTER | @YGBABYMONSTER_/Twitter

After making their re-debut, BABYMONSTER has taken the world by storm with their song “SHEESH.”




Recently, a group of Thai actors under the name “DMD BOYS” covered the iconic song.

Sadly, when the video came out, it wasn’t met with very good reactions as netizens criticized the actors and their vocal ability.

Yet, while the cover was criticized and netizens thought all the actors had been “set up” with the vocally difficult song, most believed that out of all of them, popular BL star NuNew had been impacted the most.

Thail BL star NuNew | @new_cwr/Instagram

Netizens shared that NuNew is an extremely talented singer and that giving him only the rap part was wrong…

Because his vocal range could’ve helped the cover, especially with some of the harder notes throughout the song.



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