Popular YouTuber Is Called Out For Saying He Wanted To Beat Up WINNER’s Mino And Disparaging Those Affected By Depression

“What’s wrong with him?”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

A YouTuber’s Instagram posts have been called out as problematic. On August 10, a post titled “The YouTuber With 200k Subscribers Who Talked Recklessly About WINNER’s Song Min Ho’s Mental Health” went viral in an online community.

The post, which has been seen over 100k times, showed an Instagram story by the YouTuber, called Dragon Lake.

Dragon Lake | @drgnlake/Instagram

The Instagram story shows the YouTuber disparaging WINNER‘s Mino as well as those suffering from mental health.

I have never seen a celebrity with better mental fortitude than IU. Seeing Mino cry in front of Oh Eun Young made me want to beat him up. Male celebrities these days are just physically male and have a 14 years-old girl living in it. Seriously, I think IU is the number one hip-hop artist in Korea. Those losers who aren’t able to beat their emotions will never become like IU.

— Dragon Lake

Recently, Mino spoke to psychiatrist Oh Eun Young about troubles he faced with anxiety and panic attacks. He revealed that he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder.

Another Instagram post by the YouTuber claimed that those who suffer from depression could “choose” to stop being depressed if they want to.

Depression is something anybody can get if they want to. Depression is immediately treated when someone decides he is no longer depressed. Moving forward, I have decided to be depressed whenever someone says anything reckless in my DMs. I will be using the law to persecute those who attack me in accordance with the law that protects those with mental illnesses.

— Dragon Lake

The YouTuber also seemed to belittle Mino’s fans through his Instagram.

Netizens expressed outrage at the YouTuber in the comments.

  • “Depression is a choice? That’s the biggest load of BS I’ve heard all day.”
  • “He’s a keyboard warrior.”
  • “What is weak about saying you need help? And why are you bringing IU into this?”
  • “This guy has the worst personality. If anybody around him was depressed, he’s the type to talk them off a cliff. Please think before you speak.”
  • “I used to watch his product reviews, but I’m going to avoid his videos from now on.”
  • “Why are you bringing IU into this?”
  • “What’s wrong with him?”
  • “Mino’s been saying he’s been much happier promoting as a group these days. I hope he doesn’t see this and just continues to be happy.”
  • “Empathy is a skill.”

Mental health is no matter to take lightly.

Source: Theqoo